Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Culture, Language, Food, and Family

The previous post touched on the relationship between raising a bilingual child, culture, and mealtimes. Now, I would like to share some of our families meals with you. As you may already know, we are originally from the States, but now live in Japan. In our family, we think a lot about food! My husband really enjoys cooking and has developed many of his own original dishes: most of these fuse Japanese and American, or other cooking styles and ingredients. Please check out his blog Cajsian: Homestyle Fusion Cuisine and Philosophy for yummy recipes, including various twists on mac-n-cheese, braised chicken, and atarashii primavera. I hope your visit there will inspire you to create a delicious meal to share with your family...and top it off with a little conversation in the target language too! Bon appetit!


santi said...

Hi Mary and Dorinda! Greetings from Chicago. Your blog is wonderful ... nice to know people who also have very much interest in bilingualism :D. Thanks for sharing your husband's blog, Mary ... our family loves to try new food.


Mary H said...

Hi Santi,
Thanks for the link to your blog! Your posts on raising your children trilingually in French, English, and Indonesian are really interesting, and I hope to explore it more soon. Let's continue sharing!