Sunday, September 09, 2007

What happens?

Hi all!!! I know it has been a long time since I have added anything to this wonderful blog, but time and a long distance move have complicated things : ) We are now living in Argentina where my children are talking to everyone in English. They are so used to being in a biligual atomosphere that they think everyone is bilingual. To their surprize it isn´t so. Nicole stopped speaking Spanish about a month ago. Although she understands everything perfectly, she has just decided it is easier to speak English because everyone around her understood. What a surprize for her when we arrived here 2 weeks ago and no one speaks much English...We have to say....Spanish Nicole...Grandma doesn´t understand you. hahahahaha poor thing...Has anyone else had this experience? Dorinda


Sarah said...

Welcome back to blogging! Congratulations on your move. I look forward to hearing more about your children's linguistic (mis)adventures as they get used to their new surroundings!

Mary H said...

Hello and welcome back, Dorinda! I am really looking forward to your posts about Argentina.

When we were in the States last month, my daughter sometimes used Japanese words when talking to monolingual English speakers, especially when she was describing animal crackers or the weather! It was really interesting!!

santi said...

Ah ... finally :D! I've been looking for an update from you guys. Cannot wait to read more on your interesting stories in Argentina.


Dorinda said...

Well we are having fun...My daughter Nicole, is now speaking Spanish rather well, but she also mixes the two sometimes. She struggles with the fact that most people aren´t bilingual. It is good for her, but also hard. A hard lesson for a 3 year old.

At this moment, she is saying I´m making la la la la la....hahahaha It is sweet.

I figure it is fine...I guess I´ll see with time.

I think it is sweet that Leda is doing the same things....

Misadventuresssssssssss hahaha.....I don´t know how to spelling right but it is the French word for the other toilet...the Biedue Beday...I don´t know...But Nicole has had two experiences with the water fountain!!!! and Patrick absolutely adores the thing. We have to keep the bathroom shut all the time hahahahaaaaaaaa

Mary H said...

I'm so glad to hear from fellow bloggers Sarah and Santi!

Dorinda, I'm looking forward to your next post!! Update us on your adventures in Argentina--I can't wait!