Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! And Happy Mother's Day to my co-blogger, Dorinda! If you are a mom raising a bilingual child, then you've certainly been giving it your all. Take some time today to relax and have fun with your child.

Here are five favorite activities that my husband and I enjoy doing with our soon to be two-year-old daughter! All of these can be readily adapted to encourage interaction in the target language too.

Making music. Strum the guitar, toot a play horn, beat some pots and pans. Make up your own special family songs.

Play outside. We love to go to a local park and play, or just to stay near home and play in the sandbox or to ride bicycles or scooters.

Dance! My daughter really likes to show off her creativity through dance, so we often put on her favorite tunes and dance around the house.

Cooking. Most kids love to watch their parents cook or to get their hands in the batter! Pretend cooking and eating is a lot of fun too.

Look at nature. We've just started growing a few plants and herbs on our balcony, so it is fun to go outside and check their progress: are they getting enough water and sunshine today? Also, when she feels brave we look closely at flowers, leaves, and insects!

No matter what you do today, have an enriching and loving experience with your family!!

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